Thursday, October 29, 2009

its me...again, Kuala Gandah, here we come.....

Kuala Gandah....

1 more location can we come and visit with our family. Actually, that place is so kind and suitable for our kid to knw and learn about jungle animal. the big, big, big animal.

Really, i x kelentong arrr... "Kuala Gandah Elephant Centre adalah juga dikenali sebagai Pusat Pemulihan Gajah Kebangsaan.Terletak di Lanchang, Pahang. Tak jauh dari bandaraya Kuala Lumpur, dekat dengan Highway Karak.
Many activities can we do at this area, like be, visitor may view a video on issues affecting wild elephants, their diminishing and translocation. 1 more think what can visition happy at this nice place is, visitor are encouraged to hand feed the elephants during their 'lunch', can be ride in a natural way without basket. And 1 special what can visitor do with the big animal is, visitor can ride and play with the big animal in the river, but dont worry, all that activities is under staff supervision. i thing we'll enjoy this place and maybe next time must be will come again.

1 area can we go at Kuala Gandah is 'DEER LAND'. Hahaha...i know u must be happy and not regret when u'll come here. Like at the elephant place, we can feed the deer too, u knw wat deer can eat 'potatoes' not fun fries laaaaaa. But i'm soo happy when i and my family come here. Many animal can we found area. 1 more we should knw, this area is private area, its a village land and its a jungle area. sooooooo be carefullllllll...............
aper2 jdk sdr tanggung maaa............

its that what we can see that place.... jom arrrrrr............

p/s : dalinzzzzzz, come with ur family visit this area
i knw u must be happy and not regret when u come that place

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  1. emm.. nice..
    terima kasih sbb bagi tau sy pasal kuala gandah sblm ni.. sy dah pegi dgn family, mmg menarik... boleh tgk dan pegang gajah..
    kat deer land pun ok gak..
    banyak gambar sy ambil semasa kat sana..